Lowongan Kerja SMK Sederajat

Tips Mencari Kerja untuk Lulusan SMK SMA Sederajat

Lowongan kerja smk sma sederat terbaru

Tips Mencari Kerja untuk Lulusan SMK SMA Sederajat | Disini sengaja ditulis dalam bahasa inggris ya guys, sekalian buat sarana belajar membaca dan memahami bahasa inggris, karena kebanyakan dunia kerja saat ini banyak mewajibkan pelamar yang sudah mengerti/mahir bahasa inggris. 🙂

Finding job vacancies for vocational or high school graduates is tricky. Many SMK graduates and equivalent have been unemployed for a long time due to the intense competition among job seekers to fill the few job vacancies. The competition occurs between all graduates, both fresh graduates and old ones. “Lowongan Kerja SMK SMA Sederajat”.

The struggle of SMK graduates to get a job is very hard. Various attempts were made to get the latest job vacancy information updates. Not only that, a number of costs and time have been sacrificed in order to quickly get a job.

Those of you who live near vocational schools or in industrial areas must often see groups of young people wearing shoes, neatly dressed, wearing black pants, carrying bags filled with brown envelopes milling about. They are trying to find work. What an extraordinary struggle.

I myself have run out of contracts several times and have repeatedly peddled application letters to various companies. Unemployed before I was 22 years old I still enjoy hanging out looking for job vacancies. But when I was unemployed at the age of 23 years, I started to feel ashamed, because I had to compete with new graduates.

From my experience of hanging out for years, I can conclude the various ways job seekers can get a job immediately. What are the ways? Check out the following ways:

Tips Mencari Kerja untuk Lulusan SMK SMA Sederajat.


1. Visiting BKK

Visiting BKK (Special Job Fairs) is usually in SMK schools. The company collaborates with the SMK to hold a selection test for prospective employees. If you are going to hold a test, the BKK management will definitely display an announcement on the bulletin board containing the requirements and criteria that must be met.

Usually BKK applies a system of imposing job seekers, especially BKK who are around industrial areas. Member registration will be subject to a number of fees and members are valid for 1 year. Each member who wants to take the selection test is required to pay a registration fee per test. This regulation is not absolute for all BKKs, it may differ from one BKK to another.

Registering to BKK at SMK is highly recommended for those of you who are new graduates. Especially for those of you who have recently graduated from regional vocational high schools and have no relatives overseas. So the next time you set foot on the ground people immediately have jobs.

2. Register at the Foundation or Employment Consultant

In addition to working with BKK at SMK, there are also companies that collaborate with foundations or job recruitment consultants. There have been many foundations that accept and hold selection tests for recruitment of prospective employees of a company. You could say that currently consultants have mushroomed, especially in areas close to industrial estates.

Registering for work at foundations or job placement consultants is free, some are paid. There are foundations that impose a system of enforcing others that are not. Some are free without paying at all until they work, some have to pay a certain amount of money if the company has passed it. It all depends on the policies of each foundation.

3. Apply Directly at the Company Security Post

Getting a cover letter directly at the company security post you want is a real struggle. Why do I say it’s really a struggle? Yes, because we have to sacrifice (petrol) costs to go around the area, are willing to heat up, are willing to be ashamed to ask the security guard for vacancies, we must also be patient and willing when the application we are going to leave is rejected.

When asking for a job at the security post, often the security guard says there are no vacancies. Although there are some who want our application letters to be submitted. If you want to be entrusted, fine. But if you don’t want to we have to remain calm and patient. Try asking politely, usually through where / what is the new employee registration for the company. Surely the security guard will answer, maybe by post, email or a foundation. – Tips Mencari Kerja untuk Lulusan SMK SMA Sederajat

If the security guard says by post don’t forget to ask for the company address. If by email ask for an email address. And if you go through a foundation, ask which foundation and its nature.

4. Send Job Applications via Email

Sending job application letters via email is on the rise for now. Maybe because of the rapid development of technology and the conveniences that are obtained thanks to smartphones at low prices. We just need to make a cover letter in Pdf format which is equipped with a scanned file of attachments like a cover letter in general. Then we can easily send the job application file via email using our smartphone.

5. Registering jobs on-line

Just like registering for a job via email, registering online is now trendy. There are companies that do provide registration forms for new employee candidates on their website. There are also companies that post job vacancies on online sites such as JobsDb, Lusjob, Jobstreet, Lowongankerjasmk, Lokerja etc.

Job applicants just need to register and fill in the registration fields according to what is requested on these sites. If you have successfully registered, the company will select the files and those that match the criteria will be called by email, telephone or SMS.

6. Join Job Seekers Groups on Social Media

The virtual world has become a messenger of viral information. Job vacancy information is often posted and shared by fellow job seekers in various job vacancy groups on social media. The latest job vacancies information will spread quickly so that it will be beneficial for job seekers who can move quickly. So, join the group of fellow job seekers on social media.

7. Registering for work through brokers

I do not recommend applying to work through brokers. This is because registering a job through a broker is very risky. What risks? The risk of loss to the job seeker due to fraud.

The situation of the job seeker who is desperately struggling to get a job is taken advantage of by irresponsible people for personal gain. Believe it or not, many have fallen victim to the scams of job brokers. Starting from being deceived hundreds of thousands to millions of rupiah. Usually brokers ask for money first, then process it. The money was given, the candidate ran away. Indeed, not all brokers are like that. Just have to be extra careful when dealing with him. – Tips Mencari Kerja Lulusan SMK


That was how to find job vacancies for SMK graduates. Just a suggestion from me if you intend to send a job application by post or via email, don’t wait for job opening information. Better to send your job application at any time without waiting for job vacancy information.

In my experience, I post / email every time there is a vacancy / test information that the application must be via post or email. It was my turn to send via post / email without any prior job information, instead there were a lot of calls.

Logically, if you send your application before the job opening, the application will arrive much faster. So, when there was a chance that your application was opened and entered the criteria, it was finally called. Meanwhile, when you send a job application via post / email after there is a vacancy information, chances are when your application arrives there the application submissions have piled up or the job has closed, so it is not called.

Tips Mencari Kerja untuk Lulusan SMK SMA Sederajat

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